Kitting and Assembly

Kitting is when a logistics company gathers parts or units that make up a product or carton and combines them to create a package.

Warehouse kitting adds durability to your supply chain. This allows you to reduce your warehouse costs, efficient packing and shipping, and better perform inventory tracking and control inventory.

You also have more opportunities to revise your packaging or relabel products. Our services also include relabeling of cartons or units and special projects.

We have an excellent warehouse team that will make sure that the product is taken care of and kept in an organized manner when processing and shipping.

  • Repacking product - We can repack any cartons or units needed.
  • Relabeling cartons and units - We can relabel cartons or units due to incorrect information or information needing to be changed.
  • Restacking or down stacking pallets - We received product by cartons, pallets, or units so if you need to have pallets down stacked or restacked once the product arrived at our facility
  • Special projects - We also provide other special project services that may not be listed above.