Our warehouses are Free Trade Zones, which gives a lot of advantages to the customers using it. Advantages such as merchandise not being subject to tax while in the FTZ warehouse, also cargo can be brought into the Zone to fix any issues there may be or to be manipulated before it enters U.S. Customs.

What is a Free Trade Zone?

-A free trade zone is a secure area within the US, it is considered out of customs territory. Items stored in a FTZ are not subject to custom duties while they remain there. Foreign and Domestic merchandise may be moved into zones for operations, including storage, assembly, and processing.

What is an advantage of an FTZ?

-CBP duty and federal excise tax, if applicable, taxes are paid when the merchandise is transferred from the zone for consumption. Goods may be exported from the zone free of duty and excise tax. CBP requirements provide protection against theft.