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Bee Imagine LLC operates Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) #202 Site 54 for the Port of Los Angeles in Irwindale, California within the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan area of San Gabriel Valley.  FTZ#202 is a secured, specialized warehouse located near the Los Angeles Port of Entry (2704) but is considered to be outside the U.S. Customs Territory for import purposes.  Within the FTZ, a complete range of functions can be performed on commodities Admitted into the Zone.  Everything from complex manufacturing and third party logistics to simple warehousing, exhibition and sales of merchandise can take place in the Zone.  FTZs are very different from simple bonded warehouses for several reasons, including but not limited to their flexibility of operations and exemption from a formal Entry for Customs purposes (See also FTZ Vs. Bonded Warehouse Comparison).

As one of the largest independent FTZ Operators in Southern California, Bee Imagine is uniquely qualified to handle your international shipments. Bee Imagine is a 3PL & FTZ Operator.  Our business is implementing best practice logistics solutions including supply-chain management and utilization of a network of federally approved FTZs.  Our clients can enjoy U.S. Duty, Tax, Transit and Transportation savings as well as added value through variable cost light manufacturing, manipulations, storage and order fulfillment.

Be right in the heart of one of the world's busiest trading hubs. Take full advantage of operating outside U.S. Customs borders while being physically in the center of one of the busiest logistics hubs in the world. The Port of Los Angeles is the premier U.S. gateway for transpacific trade & a trailblazer in record-steeling cargo operations. As the busiest container port in the U.S. ranked #1 & together with the Port of Long Beach makes Southern California the largest gateway for U.S. imports.  The Ports handle nearly 40% of the country's containerized trade valued at $155 billion & 17.3 millions TEUs annually, as well as supports hundreds of thousands of American jobs.  It is the 8th busiest seaport complex in the world. The region is served by a vast network of freeways and railways, 1.75 billion square feet of distribution centers and five airports: LAX, John Wayne, Ontario, Burbank, & Long Beach.

The Port of Los Angeles is the Zone Grantee for FTZ #202, was originally established on July 14, 1994 pursuant to the FTZ Board Order 693, & consists of dozens of Zone Sites comprising thousands of acres of FTZ Designated Space strategically located at Port Facilities, Industrial Parks and Warehouse Facilities in the Counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino & Kern.  FTZ #202 is a Customs privileged area within 60 miles of the seaport complex of the Ports of Los Angeles-Long Beach, where merchandise may be admitted for storage, manipulation, exhibition and manufacturing duty-free.  Although the FTZ is physically located in Irwindale, California, it is legally considered to be outside the U.S. Customs Territory for import/export purposes.  

Serving the nation’s busiest gateway to international trade, FTZ #202 offers manufacturers, importers, exporters, & logistics companies with direct access to the Port of Long Beach, the Port of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles International Airport, as well as the nation’s extensive rail and interstate freeway systems.  FTZ #202 Site 54 currently consists of 1 General-Purpose Zone Site within the City of Irwindale comprising 2.82 acres of FTZ Designated Space for General-Purpose Use.

FTZ #202 offers Zone Users the unique opportunity to interact with their merchandise prior to customs review, thus allowing greater control over shipments, minimizing risks and acting as an arena in which companies can conduct international trade.  Within the FTZ, Merchandise may be stored, inspected, cleaned, sampled, repaired, tested, repaired, relabeled, repackaged, displayed, processed, mixed, salvaged, destroyed, assembled or otherwise manipulated duty-free!  A special permit for manufacturing may be obtained for general-purpose zone users upon approval from the FTZ Board.

How can I benefit from Foreign-Trade Zone #202? 

  •          Defer Duty on Imports;
  •          Reduce Duty on Imports Assembled, Processed, Manufactured &/or “kitted” in a Zone;
  •          Reduce Merchandise Processing Fees (MPF) on Imports under Weekly Entry procedures;
  •          Reduce Customs broker fees;
  •          Defer Harbor Maintenance Fees (HMF) on Imports through the seaport;
  •          Transportation Time Savings through Direct Delivery procedures;
  •          Eliminate Duty on Re-Exports;
  •          Federal Excise Tax Exemptions on U.S. Exports (Luxury Taxes);
  •          Avoid Quota Restrictions;
  •          Avoid Fines & Penalties;
  •          Ease of Paperwork & Quick Turnaround;
  •          Temporary Removal for Repair or Exhibition of Bonded Goods; &
  •          Avoid the need for Duty Drawback

Why do Companies Use Bee Imagine?

By utilizing third party logistics services within the FTZ, your company will optimize their margins through tariff management & improvements in operating metrics due to Bee Imagine's complete supply-chain solutions.

How Do Third Party Logistics benefit the User?

  • Transitions Fixed Costs to Variable
  • Reduces Logistics Costs by Leveraging our Economies of scale
  • Utilization of the latest Supply-Chain Technology
  • Allows Companies to Concentrate on their Core Competencies
  • Provides One Stop Shipping for all Logistics Needs

A Complete Range of Services

Foreign-Trade Zones:

  • Feasibility Analysis
  • General-Purpose Applications (Minor Boundary Modifications)
  • SubZone Applications
  • Off-Site Users
  • Activation of Zone Site
  • Alterations
  • General Operation of Zones
  • Zone Program Management
  • FTZ Brokerage (e214, QPWP, PN, ISF, etc.)
  • HMF Quarterly Report
  • Tarrif Management
  • Quota Control
  • Country of Origin Marking

Third Party Logistics:

  • Transportation Management
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Warehousing / Inventory
  • Quality Control / Sampling / Testing
  • Packaging / Labeling
  • Cleaning
  • Assembly / Kitting
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Returned Merchandise
  • Documented Disposal
  • Total Supply-Chain Management

For a free general analysis of FTZ and 3PL benefits including tariff and tax savings, transit time & cost reductions call Bee Imagine at (626) 337-0010 or e-mail at Sales

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